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Averyexpress-resizedI’m an illustrative and fine arts digital painter and artist living in Bloomington, Indiana. Long inspired by animation, comic books and video games, I did what any sensible young girl longing to paint fantastic scenes of speculative adventure would do– she went to college to study traditional and conceptual fine art, spending hours at a time drawing fruit, making giant cardboard representations of the ennui of modern life and studying Art History in Florence, Italy. I graduated from the Henry Radford School of Fine Arts, part of Indiana University, with a BA majoring in Studio Art and a minor in Art History in 2008.

Having come out of this experience artistically well rounded (and with a deep suspicion of cardboard anything) I can now turn my attentions back to concept design, illustration and sequential art. I have worked on a webcomic, My Name is Might Have Been, and wrote, drew, inked and colored a 72-page unpublished graphic novel. I am available for hire to do illustrative, sequential, or fine art.

I also take personal commissions. From the simple black and white portrait to the complicated illustration, if you’ve ever had a character you wanted to honor with a picture, written a story that needs a visual sidekick, or wanted to give the most personal of gifts, I am availble for hire. Pricing is based on the complexity and material componants, so email me with your idea at and we’ll talk. I promise– I’ll listen to you about your characters.