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Commission Me

I take personal commissions. From the simple black and white portrait to the complicated illustration, if you’ve ever had a character you wanted to honor with a picture, written a story that needs a visual sidekick, or wanted to give the most personal of gifts, I am available for hire. Pricing is based on the complexity and material components, so email me with your idea at and we’ll talk. I promise– I’ll listen to you about your characters.

Prices are as follows:

  • 20$- A simple pencil sketch commission
  • 30$ – A pencil character portrait.
  • 40$- An inked portrait.
  • 50$- A pencil character drawing, or an inked sketch.
  • 60$- An inked character drawing or colored portrait.
  • 80$- A colored character drawing (digital, watercolor, or marker), or a penciled illustration.
  • 100-130$ — Inked illustration.
  • 150- 300$ — Digital¬†Illustration.
  • 300$+ — Oil, watercolor or acrylic painting


    Alternately, if you would prefer to commission by the hour, I’d be happy to accommodate. My going rate is 28.00 dollars per.